Sunday, November 16, 2014

Here we go again.

So I was inspired by a fellow foster mom to start blogging again. 
I would like to show how are kids are not their diagnosis and that how they joined the family doesn't matter they are still a part of it!

Since this is national adoption month I want to let people know about the great opportunity we found to grow our family and what great kids we have had the blessing of being in our lives.

We became foster parents less than a year ago and we were interested in helping older kids.  We have had about 10 kids in our home most. moved on to other foster homes, went home with a parent that was able to get their lives in order and be a great parent or other family members.  We currently have a great placement of an amazing girl and are waiting on adoption inquiries that we put in on the adoption exchange. 

If you feel like you have room in your heart and home for great kids.  Please look into foster care and the Adoption Exchange there are many children waiting on their forever families.

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