Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Life this last month....Crazy buzy!!!

Bows and Flowers for Zoe's hair. This year I decided to get a jump on holiday bows.

A very tired Lucas has started to fall asleep in his high chair at dinner because he refuses to sleep until he has to hold still to eat then crashes hard.

Then Zoe started at her actual school building the second week in September. She is really starting to make new friends and love her school. I knew she would once she got over the two things she didn't like 1. leaving her friends from her old school 2. Wearing uniforms (no High School Musical shirts or Jonas shoes :( )

Well this month started with a fun mini vacation "camping" in Enterprise with family over Labor Day weekend. The reason I say "camping" is cause we stayed in a hotel and camped during the day. We cooked out, roasted marshmellows, the boys (Zachary, Lucas and Dallas) played in the dirt and Zoe have fun with her cousins.

Isn't he so cute while learning how to walk on lumpy grass!

Silly boys being silly.