Monday, November 24, 2008

Baby leggings

For a baby gift a friend gave Lucas some Baby Legs I think they are the cutest thing ever and since I couldn't really afford to go get more a friend of mine told me how to make some our of knee highs and the turned out so cute. The first pic is of the baby legs and the other two are of the ones I made out of knee highs and slipper socks. They are so easy with diaper changes and they keep him warm in just a onesie!
Lucas is already a poser isn't he cute!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cutie Pie Lucas

So the other day I took some pics of Lucas sleeping and I have had a chance to play with them alittle and it turned out sooooo cute. I am bias though so you will have to decied yourself.

And that day a friend gave him baby legs for a gift they look so cute on him I had to share. Thanks Emily!

Friday, November 14, 2008


Okay so any parent knows how long it takes a toddler to distroy something and I should know by now that it takes Zach even less time than most kids but I plead the distracted just had a baby thing. I left him in the living room watching a movie while I was on the computer for a short while and he brings me my cell phone..... in two pieces!!!!! He some how peeled the number pad off of it! I was so mad it took all I had just to put him on his bed in time out. The thing is he knew he was in trouble cause he started crying right after he brought it to me. He layed in his bed for his two mins and when I went to talk to him he was asleep. What a stinker! Any how so it if anyone tries to call and can't that's why.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Okay so here are some details about Lucas' birth and his announcement. Which by the way was alot more difficult then I thought it would be to make thanks to Zach. He is such a stinker about pictures I can't get a good shot of him with anyone. He does okay pics by himself but if I try to get one of him and Zoe or all three it is sooooo hard so I take what I can get and after awhile just give up.

Okay so Lucas' birth...

Saturday I was in consistant labor they started 10 mins apart and grew to about three mins apart I went to bed expecting to wake from them and have to go in to the hospital. In the morning they were still just three mins apart but stronger. So my mom and I and the kids went to Wal-mart to walk and look at Christmas stuff while Jerry took the box spring off our bed so it is only three feet tall not four. After walking for over an hour and them not getting stronger or closer we went home and then labor kinda stalled. The contractions got further apart but stronger. At ten we went to the hospital and they checked me since I was only at one cen dialated and the contrations weren't close they sent me home. After being home for just a little while they got so strong I told Jerry we had to go back. We called my mom who had to drive from Cedar and waited for her to get here. Jerry was rubbing my back and using pressure points to relieve the pain. We got back to the hospital about three am and the contractions were consistant and very painful unfortunatly I wasn't dialating and they were very close together and very long and strong we decieded it was time for a c-section. At 7:35 am Lucas arrived via the operating room. The surgeon then told me what was going on there was alot of scar tissue on the inside of my uterus from my previous c-secs that was stopping him from dropping and that is why I wasn't dialating. After they did the tubel and sewed me up I got to nurse him. Lucas is a very good eater and is doing really well with nursing. After coming home we have only had two tummy problems, I am on a strict no dairy/soy diet and he is doing well. He has gained weight and is happy. Zoe and Zach love having him around and are great big sibs. They love to hold and kiss him all the time. We are adjusting to a fuller house and love having him around.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Lucas Jared Arrived!

I will give more details when I feel better but here is the blurp of it. Lucas Jared born 7:35am on Monday 11/3 weight 7 lbs 11 oz 20 1/2 inches long. Born via c-sec. We are at home recovering now!