Thursday, August 25, 2011

Smiths and Albertsons Deals


They have LA Looks products on sale for 10 for $10 I had a $1 off 1 = free gel!!!
Also when you by 1 Revlon beauty item you get a $2 coupon for another

I was told I would get a $2 Catalina this was not the case it is a manufacture coupon for another Revlon item when I realized what was happening I did put a few items back DO NOT be afraid to do this if things change.

I found the foundation in the clearance basket, yet another reason you should always have all your coupons with you at all times.

The nail stickers and a drink not pictured where/are for my very pampered daughter :)


Albertsons has an in ad coupon making the Ken's salad dressing .88 cents stack with the $1 coupon and you get free dressing! Limit 4 per transaction

FYI had I done this trans. at Walmart where they give you overage I would have had .72 cents to spend on something else or have them give me cash back.

Also their Chex Mix and Bugles are on sale for 10 for $10 Stack with .50 off 1 sweet and salty Chex, .50 cent off 1 Bugles, and .50 off 2 Traditional Chex and you get a lot of after school snackage for under $6 :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

4 packages of 12 rolls of toilet paper $5 + Walgreens coupon for $1 off + Man. coupon for .75 cent = $3.25 each
4 packages of slip on Huggies $9.49 + Walgreens coupon for $2 + Man. for $3 + RR for $2 = $2.49 each
6 packages of Stayfree $6.79 + BOGOF Walgreens + BOGOF Man. up to $4. something = less than $2 a package
3 Pert Plus $3.99 + Man. $1 off + RR $3 = free
2 Ibuprofen Clearence for $2.49
6 Revlon nail polish $3.99 + $2 Wal + $1 Man + $3 RR = MM $2 each
6 Glee fillers .50 each
1 folder filler .50
1 carmel filler .33
3 decal fillers .25 each

total out of pocket $33.83


10 pizza rolls 10 for $10 + .40 off 2 use 5 double 3 + $5 back after .18 each

6 v-8 juice (Zachary needed some as soon as I got home so only 5 in picture) 2/$4 +$1 off doubled = free!!

12 progresso soup 10 for $10 + $1 off 4+ double+ $5 after buying 10 = less than .10 each

Crest toothpaste $2 + .75 doubled = .50

Milk $3.49 (no coupon and in shock!!!)

Straws .99 cents for my FIL

(not pictured) 10 Hamburger helper 10/$10 +.75 off 3 doubled + $2 back +$5 back =$2 MM!!

Today is the last day of the sale at Albertsons so if you have doublers and coupons use them today!!!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Another Wal-Mart Price Matching Trip

This trip I actually got DH to help because we were price matching Kmarts double days and you can only get max 4 of the same items per person. So this was done in 2 transactions. The first trans. DH did and it was
3 Texas Toast price matched
4 pickles
4 carefree liners
we had $1 coupons for texas toast and pickles and .50 off care free they were doubled up to .99 and the balance was negative so we added 4 up2u gum with $1 off 2 coupons and paid less than a $1
My trans was
3 Toast
4 pickles
4 liners
4 Bandaids price matched and had .50 off coupons making them free
3 kleenex price matched and .50 off 3 doubled making it $2 for 3
4 hand soap price matched and .35 doubled making them .30 each
3 poptarts $2.12 with a $1 off 3 doubled to .99 making it 4.27 for 3 boxes
My total was 7.88

So we spent just over $8 for all of this!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Twice the Value at Albertson's!

The kids posing with the goods :)

Lucas was playing peek a boo behind the goods

Okay today starts Albertsons twice the value coupons. They are in the paper and you can use 3 at a time. I bought 10 papers and did 9 transactions I have 1 set for another day.
I will start on the left and go right...
Chocolate Milk reg $4.59 used a free milk coupon paid .09
4 Fiber One Brownies Reg $3.99 on sale for 4/$10 or $2.50 used .75 off 1 doubled 3 got four boxes and got 2 $2 off next trans and free milk coupon. So 3 were free 1 for .75 plus free milk :)
5 Garden Delight pasta reg $2.49 sale $1 had $1 off 1 so 5 free!!
4 Oat Heads reg $1.49 sale .97 plus $2 off next when but 4 so .50 each
2 Hunts reg $1.29 *sale .79
Syrup $2.99 no sale or coupons just needed it :)
2 Lucky Charms cereal bars reg $3.49 sale 2/$5 stacked with $1 off 2 dou bled so $1.50 each
4 Betty Crocker fruit snacks reg $3.19 sale 4/$10 stacked with .50 off 2 doubled $2 each get 2 $2 off next so $1 each plus free milk
8 Nature Valley Thins reg $4.29 sale 4/$10 stacked with .75 double 3 then got 2 $2 so $.75 for 4 plus free milk Did this twice cause we LOVE these!
6 Suave reg $2.79 sale $1.88 stack with $1 off 3 albertsons coupon and $1.50 off 3 that was in a display so $1.04 each! Did this 2 times as well getting kids and adult shampoo and conditioner.
4 Velveeta Dinners these are reg $1.99 *sale $1.49 stacked with .55 off 1 total .94
3 All detergent reg $5.99 *sale $2.99 stacked with $1 off doubled so $1 each
Welches Jelly reg $2.29 * sale $1.79 stacked with .55 off for 1.24
2 Mt. Olive Pickles reg 3.49 sale 3.19 stack with coupon found on pickles for .75 off so 1.69
4 taco bell beans reg $1.29 sale $1 Didn't have a coupon but we needed them :)
6 Who Nu Cookies reg 3.19 sale 2.50 sack with $1 off doubled .50 each
Bananas 1.51
*mega sale buy 10 items

REG $176.33 Paid $23.20 including 3 more milk coupons I have :)

Oh and it pays to go to the same store regularly and get to know the staff the manager gave us a bunch of free diet dr pepper she had left over from yesterday's promotion!!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Walmart Price Matching = Big Saving Time & Money

Okay well first off the pick doesn't match this Wal-Mart trip but it was a previous one :)
My Mom left with half the stuff before we got a pick so oh well.
On the trip pictured above I price match the band-aids and A1 saving $12 and a trip to target :)
But today's trip was the most I have priced matched so far.
We priced matched:
Air Wick starter kits for $4.98 on sale at Walgreen's (we got 4) Reg. $7.99
matched with a $4 off coupon = .98 each
Hamburger, tuna, & Chicken Helper for $1 on sale at Smith's (15) Reg. $1-$1.98
matched with a .75 off 3 coupon=.75 each
Pringles for .99 at Lin's (9) Reg. $1.50
matched with $1 off 3 = .66 each
Kellog's cereal @ Smith's for $1.66 (10) Reg. $2.98-$3.62
matched with $5 off 5 = .66 each
Infusium shampoo and conditioner @ Walgreen's for $1.98 (3) Reg. $5.98
matched with a coupon $1 = .98
Hunt's sause @ Albertson's for .88 (2) already stocked for me just for Mom :) Reg. $1
no coupon but great deal
Filler paper @ Stapel's for .25 (8) Reg. .75

Milk @ Albertson's 2.29 (1) Reg. 2.32
matched with .75 off
Bacco veggie crumbles Reg. price 3.32 (2)
matched with $2 off 2

Saved $96.75 spent $33.67 on these items Saving like 75% :)

And would have gone to 5 other stores for these sales had they not price matched.

Also picked up a few things that are at the lowest in town like pretzels and dog food.

And did it all with 4 children in tow in 2 hours :)

Overall price matching can save you time and gas it does take longer to check out but it is worth it! Find a nice cashier and take your time tell them when you start you have price match items cause if they start scanning they can't go back or they get mad. Tell them each item and where and how much it is.
It is best to put all like items together since they have to type in each price.

Also I found out today they are doubling coupons (first 3) when Albertson's does you have to tell them you are.

Good luck and happy saving :)

Saturday, July 2, 2011


I have been couponing for awhile but got into in again hardcore a few months ago. Several people have been interested in it and so I am going to post when I have a good trip. Please know that I shop for my family of 5, my home daycare, my sister and Mom too. Most people do not need to buy the bulk that I buy. Also I have a stock pile so we don't purchase for a week or even a month I buy for 3 or more months since the same things aren't on sale every week/month.

Today I went shopping at Walgreens and Albertsons

It is the last day of Walgreens sale and Albertsons goes until Tues.

Another great thing to save on is all the free kid activities stores have!

We went to Home Depot and made coaster sets :) They have it the first Sat of the month!

Also we went to Micheal's they have a great summer program Tues, Thurs and Sat 11-1 they are doing a craft from a different country!

At Albertsons they have Coca-cola 12 packs on sale for 2.80 when you buy 5 I stacked with a $2 off 2 coupon and got 10 for under $2 each, Also Gatoraid is on sale for .50 cents each when you buy 10, bought 30 (we will be luck if it lasts the month), Also Tostitos on sale for 1.99 when you buy 3 mix and match. And the Dixie plates are on sale and I stacked with a coupon so they were less than $2 each. Adding it all together I saved over $80 :)

Walgreens: Pringles on sale for 4/$6 with a $2 RR I stacked with a $1 off 3 coupon getting them for .75 each, Twizzlers were on sale for 2/$3 with a $1 RR I stacked with a .50 off 1 getting them with .50 each, Gram Crackers and Chocolate are 2/$6 with free marshmallows when you buy both I stacked with $1 off 2 Crackers, $1 off 2 Chocolate and .20 cents off 2 Marshmallows
To use my RR I filled with 2/$1 Arizona tea/juice and found a clearance basket with some plastic plates which we need for our trailer, .29 activity books and crafts.

Now my rule of thumb is to try to save at least 50% and if it is a product we are trying it needs to be free or very, very cheap like under .50. Also I can toothpaste, toothbrushes, floss, body wash, deodorant and such for free saving us hundreds.

But I will say that to save the max you can't be brand picky but even if you are you can still save with a little time and effort.