Friday, July 29, 2011

Another Wal-Mart Price Matching Trip

This trip I actually got DH to help because we were price matching Kmarts double days and you can only get max 4 of the same items per person. So this was done in 2 transactions. The first trans. DH did and it was
3 Texas Toast price matched
4 pickles
4 carefree liners
we had $1 coupons for texas toast and pickles and .50 off care free they were doubled up to .99 and the balance was negative so we added 4 up2u gum with $1 off 2 coupons and paid less than a $1
My trans was
3 Toast
4 pickles
4 liners
4 Bandaids price matched and had .50 off coupons making them free
3 kleenex price matched and .50 off 3 doubled making it $2 for 3
4 hand soap price matched and .35 doubled making them .30 each
3 poptarts $2.12 with a $1 off 3 doubled to .99 making it 4.27 for 3 boxes
My total was 7.88

So we spent just over $8 for all of this!!

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