Sunday, October 26, 2008


So we carved and painted our pumpkins today and they turned out cute. Zoe decieded to paint her's this year and with no direction from us she took a stencil for carving and converted it to paint. Zach helped carve his pumpkin by pulling out the guts which he reminded us everytime was "ucky". The he helped me seperate the seeds to bake them. He thought that was fun and I was suprised that he was able to pick them out so easily I guess he does have good finger cordination after all. Jerry helped Zoe a little with carving out Roo in Zach's pumpkin but she did most of it her self.

My dairy free cow

So Friday we went to our HOA Halloween party at our playground. We were supposed to have dinner but Zach spent the whole time chasing a ball and chasing the kids with the ball. Zoe enjoyed all the deserts and seeing a friend. They were dressed as a cow and cowgirl. I thought it was funny that my little cow is allergic to milk!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fun Halloween portraits

So I took a friend of mines girls portraits for halloween and they turned out so cute I had to share. Oh and by the way there wasn't anything in the cauldren when we took them.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Jerry's Ankle

So Saturday Jerry called me from work and said that I might have to come and get him cause he twisted his ankle and he wasn't sure how bad it was. He might have to go to instacare to get it x-rayed. Well I ended up taking him there for x-rays. The doctor said there wasn't a break but that he might have pulled something. You think his ankle is huge! This pic was taken just a few hours after it happened since then it has turned black and blue and is still pretty swollen. He is resting it when not at work and has to where a big boot brace for awhile. What luck we have! Now both of us are out of comission. It's a good thing Zoe knows how to make PB&J, just kiddin.

Baby Update

So I am still having contractions daily but they are not consistent so it doesn't look like I will have him any time soon. They are just annoying and painful. Zoe is really funnly about them though yesterday she came home from school and asked "so how are the contractions going" I was so suprised I just said "What do you mean" She repiled with well are you having the baby soon or not? What a goof ball she is. We are all excited that it will only be a few more weeks though.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

We visited Stahlei farm on Monday night to get pumpkins. The kids loved it! Zachary really liked all the animals this time. He chased the chickens and kittens.

He even tried to climb into the pins with them.

The kids and Jerry each got a pumpkin, I decieded not to get one this year I am too tired to carve it and Jerry is going to carve his and Zach's and help Zoe so he will have enough to do.

Maternity Pics

So I decieded it was time to take the prego pictures before the baby came and then we would just get newborn portraits. So here they are. I was so hard to get Zach to work with us but with alittle birb he finally did it.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

This weekend!

So this weekend Jerry and I went to SLC for his company work party. We drove since I was too far along to fly and it still didn't help. I was doing okay until we went to the dinner. I started contracting and by the time the awards ceremony was over they were about three mins apart and getting stronger. I told him that we needed to leave and we went to the room changed and found out where the hospital was. We went to University hospital (which is really nice) and they monitored me all night and gave me an IV to try to spot the contractions. This morning I was only having about one an hour so they let me leave and go home. We are home and they are random so it looks like I will not be having a baby soon. That's good cause he still needs some time to finish growing. Anyway, we are home and doing well. I'll post more later, good night.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Names, names, what's in a name?

Okay so I think we might have agreed on a name.
Lukas Dilyan and just so you know the spelling was all Jerry. We'll see if this one sticks. I think he has changed his mind a hundred times on a name. It's funny cause it took like a day to pick Zach's name.

Zach turned two!

On Saturday Zach had his second birthday party it was so much fun watching him with all his family and friends. He loves playing with other kids now and actually gets along for awhile which is nice. He was so funny when he got to the cake. At first he was afraid of the candels so Jerry helped him blow them out and when they relit (trick candles) he laughed and signed for more. After the candles were gone and the cake was in front of him I guess he decieded it was his so he put his face in it and took a bite and when everyone laughed he just kept doing it. He was so cute and had the biggest smile and said it was nummy. When it was present time he was so excited he just ripped through them. What a fun birthday! I just shows how much fun he'll be at christmas too.

Crazy boy

So last night Zach was being his usual crazy self. First he didn't want to get dressed after a diaper change and decieded that a diaper was enough clothes for him. After dad got home he followed him in the garage and found his helmet which he begged to be put on. He wore it for about an hour. At around the hour mark Jerry calls me in the living room and he is laying in the box for Zoe's new guitar with his blankets and says "I sleep in my bed". What a goof ball so I grabed my camera it was defiantly a kodak moment.

New at blogging HELP!!!

I am new at this so any advice would be great but here goes.