Thursday, February 26, 2009

My Future's So Bright.....

So while shopping for essentials like dish soap I came across something I just couldn't resist. And doesn't Lucas just look adorable in my impulse purchase!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Saving $$$$

So this year I have decieded to try to save as much money as we can. I have looked into alot of things online and in books and am trying several things to see what works best for us. For the next few months I am going to try to get and use coupons for alot of what we buy according to some websites and morning shows you can cut you grocery bill in half. I am going to see. Yesterday and today I used coupons and save some $ . I saved $5 on Zoe's movie and found the cheapest place was Walmart so she got HSM3 extended version for less then $20. I went to Walgreens cause all the online coupon places rave about CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aid. I did buy some things that we should get for free if the rebate thing works I am going on line now to enter the info and you get 10% more if you get it on a card I will do that for the first few months and just use it to get more free stuff and see how far this goes people online have closets full of stocked up free stuff. We have a very small house so this won't work for us if that is how you save money but I'll try it and see. Here is a pic of all the stuff I got if I get back what I should I will have only spent $10 and it was on gifts. It's not a ton but it's a start.

Photo Contest

I want to enter my boys in a photo contest at wal-mart but what picture do I choose! Help please!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Crazy Kids this morning

Lucas with all his smiles lately will melt any heart. He is also becoming a big talker and loves to have constant interaction now. He doesn't care if it is Mom, Dad, Zoe or Zach he just wants someone talking to him always.
Zoe is getting so big and doing really well in school she loves to read just like her mom and her teacher says she excells in anything she tries to do. We are so proud of her. Now if only she would remember to do ALL of her homework the night before.

Zachary is getting so big! I love watching him grow and gain new skills overnight. Just a few months ago he couldn't/wouldn't use a spoon. Now he barley spills a drop of his new favorite food "Ogurt". Maybe it has to do with how big he opens his mouth now :)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Poor Kermit

So I have been neglecting Zoe's poor frog Kermit. He is supposed to be her responsibiliy but all she can do is feed him. So I am supposed to clean his tank once a week. I think it has been three! Eww!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Little Zachary

So tonight Jerry changed Zach's diaper and I was shocked to see he was wearing one of Lucas' size 2 diapers. And it fit! They wear the same size cloth diapers but I figured that was cause of the bulk of cloth but no it's just him. He has such a tiny waist and no butt! What a skiny guy.

Zoe's Room

Well today we spent 4 hours cleaning and going through everything in Zoe's room so we could get rid of alot of stuff. We threw out 3 bags of trash and have 10 bags ready to get rid of. We even cleaned out the closet and made the beds. Our goal is for it to stay that way. We will see.


Well it doesn't look like Zoe got a part in Annie. She auditioned on Thursday and was so excited and I'm sure did great. She sang Zippity Do Da and had practiced by singing at Jazzy Java the night before at open mic night and they loved her. But they were barely casting in 1st grade and she is really tiny so no luck. But there is always next time we told her. She says she still wants to be a star. Silly goose guess we should have stayed near Hollywood :)