Monday, November 9, 2009

Birthday Fun

The boys had a pirate birthday party and it was a blast!
We had a fun pirate ship cake and some fun games.
Lucas loved his cake! He started small but soon had it everywhere!

Zach actually ate his cake with a fork this time. But really enjoyed it!
Lucas enjoyed a small bath in the sink after eating his cake.

We played a game with donuts on strings. They were supposed to just use their mouths and not their hands but the little ones got tired and cheated.
Where is the donut?
Lucas' smash cake!
He loved his cake and we were smart this time and blew out the candle before he could reach it!

Zach blew out the candles and was very excited about the ship cake.

My sis D and her new guy.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Pre-Halloween fun!

We found this cute costume at a thrift store and it was perfect with his ears we got 2 years ago at Disneyland! After putting it on he smiled a great smile then stated "Let's go!" "Where?" I asked "To my clubhouse!"
I made pumpkin seeds while they carved pumpkins. They turned out yummy this year!
Zoe carved two pumpkins all by herself this year! She pick the designs and did everything herself.
Jerry helped Zach carve this. What that means is that Zach tried to stab the pumpkin Jerry stopped him a few times and tried to redirect him to where he needed to cut then he ran off to play and Jerry finished. :)

Zoe carved this ghost too!

My little bat baby!
Zach playing on the tractor at the farm

Lucas' fun Halloween outfit I made the leggings out of knee high socks.

I made this dress and bow for Zoe and we found these cute tights to go with it!