Monday, December 8, 2008

Sleepy baby

I love how cute and peaceful they look while they are sleeping. They have that commercal for pampers with the silent night song and all the cuties sleeping so I was inspired.

It's holiday time

So last night we got the tree out and decorated it. Our house is so small that we have a table top tree. I know all of us miss the times when we had a real tree.
It was so cute when we took the tree out of the box Zach saw it and said " A Christmas tree I lobe it sooo much." He is such a goof ball it is so cute when they can't say v's yet. Him and Zoe had so much fun decorating it.

When we were getting the tree stuff out I found a fun Rudolf nose and Zoe was posing for the camera she got the ears and after she was done posing it was Jerry's turn.

Dosen't he look so excited to pose for us!

Lucas' Holiday Pictures

I took some portraits of Lucas for the holidays and they turned out pretty cute I think. What do you think?

It's funny because I was looking at Zach's first Christmas photos and even though he was a month older they look so much alike.