Sunday, May 31, 2009

Yeah I can't wait!!!!

Only I am a bit upset just from the trailor alone they changed quite a bit from the book. I am sure I will still love the movie I just need to think of them as seperate things not the same story then I won't be all mad the whole time I am watching the movie.
Besides I am excited for more Jacob! I loved his character.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

A country bath

While camping we gave the kids country baths in a old wash tub. We warmed up the water for Lucas first so his was the warmest. But I love his face when we first put him in it. His expression is like "what is this?".
He soon warmed up to it and was his usual smiley self.

We weren't really planing on giving Zach a bath since he can take a shower but he wanted one after Lucas got one so here he is enjoying it fully.

Zoe was so funny she totally wanted one but we warned her that we weren't warming up the water any more cause it was a pain and she wanted a bath any way.

As you can see she quickly changed her mind!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

We are changing Friday

I decided to try to do a tutorial every or every other Friday depending on what I can come up with. Some will be simple with out pics some with. Stop by to see you can make!

The first 3 people to make each tutorial and attach a link to their blog will get a fun homemade prize from me(please state food or craft)!
Today's tutorial is an art notebook.

First your supplies:
1 notebook of your choice, I find that a folder that you add paper to works great as well.
enough fabric to cover notebook and make pockets
sewing machine or sewing glue
tacky glue
colored pencils or crayons or other art supplies you want to add.
1. lay your notebook on fabric and mark leave 1 inch around top and sides for edges and leave at least 4 inches at the bottom for pockets the best way to tell is to bring fabric up from bottom and see how much you want also don' t forget the seam allowance at the bottom as well. Also slit top and bottom at center to allow for paper depending on size of notebook.
2. hem all edges with the machine or with sewing glue
3. attach art supply pockets if you want a pocket for pencils or crayons make sure you use a gather stitch at the bottom before sewing the individual pockets or it won't have room to fit the pencils in. If you are using glue just make one big pocket for supplies because glue with smear and close up individual pockets for pencils.
4. using tacky glue attach fabric to notebook.
5. let dry
6. you can decorate with ribbon, buttons or something fun and creative!
Make sure to leave a comment with a link if you make this to get your prize!


This Memorial Day weekend we spent it the usual way in Enterprise on our extended family property cleaning it and building projects for the reunion on Labor Day weekend. This was the second year we spent in a family members trailer and it was a life savor when we got rained out at night.

Zoe spent some free time reading,
Picking Flowers,
and having water balloon fights with her cousins!

This year we got the kids into helping too! Zach tried to sand (with help of course), Zoe stained, sanded and even cleaned the bathrooms.

Zach had tons of fun this year with the shovels and trucks and spent alot of time digging! He even helped collect fire wood.

Lucas loved his saucer and the swings and even learned how to stand up using the baby coral! He took most of his naps in the sling or Mei Tai.

On Sunday we got smart and roasted marshmallows after lunch that way we didn't miss out on the camp fire even though we got rain every night.

Overall it was a good weekend. We got to visit with family and have a good time outside. We even had samores!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Future Cheerleader!

I was watching Bring it on and Zach decieded to join in on the final dance he was doing pretty good on the moves too notice the kick and the head movements! Too cute!

Friday's Obsession confession

Social networking sites online!
I belong to facebook, myspace, cafemom, several yahoo groups and diaper sewing divas.
Recently I have added a facebook page for my photography buisness!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Water Fun

On Tuesday I went with Zoe to the Washington Rec Center Pool for her field trip. She had tons of fun splashing in the shallow end and playing with her friends. She did get brave enough to go down one of the little slides with her friend but that was it. After the pool we had a picnic lunch on the grass and went home to rest. We will defiantly be going back with the boys this summer it was alot of fun and there are areas for everyone.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Lucas has found another cute thing to do! As if he wasn't cute enough already he now sticks his tongue out at you! He smiles and makes a cute face as he does it. He also makes it all pointy and now he makes a spiting noise sometimes. Hopefully he won't bite it with those two cute little teeth he has!

Congrats Mom

On Saturday my mom graduated from SUU with a BA in Sociology I am sooooo proud of her! It is totally awesome! She has worked really hard to graduate and even beat both of her daughters I am totally inspired to go back to school. Both Denise and I started school before her and she totally finished before us. Go MOM! All of her brothers and sisters came from three different states to show their support.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cinco De Mayo

So I was going to put 80 things you didn't know about me for my 80th post, but really I'm not that interesting and don't have even close to that. So here is 5 in honor of Cinco De Mayo.

1. I have a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and got it before I was 18.
2. I have driven cross country over 5 times. Most of them when I was around 21.
3. I am legally blind without my glasses or contacts.
4. I used to speak fluent German. Now I can sign ASL.
5. I played percussion in high school.

I know I know I'm boring I tried really hard to think of something exciting and just gave up. Oh well maybe I'll think of something exciting for the 100th post.

Monday, May 4, 2009

First foods

On Monday night Lucas tried his first food. Sweet potatoes! He didn't do as well as we thought he would he gaged alot so we will try in a few days. He was very eager to try though before we put the food on his tray he was eating the bib. He seemed to like the food after a few trys but was still gaging he doesn't get the hole swallowing thing when it isn't liquide so we will try watering it down alittle or put it in a mess holder. He gets the chewing so there is hope!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday's confession


Recently we took a trip to the storage unit that my mom and I got before I was married as we were making room for her to move more stuff in we came across a file cabinet. My sis asked me if there were any papers in it I needed. I went to take a look and what did I find? Papers? No. Letters? No. Pictures of Zoe filed by the month! There were hundreds! The thing is that they were all taken before she was three and most 90% were done professionally at a studio! Since then I have cut down okay not really until I was married and had Zach but even then I have taken way more pictures of my kids than the average person. Although I have found that the more kids I have the less pictures I have of them and I don't think I have ever taken a picture of all three of them together that I love. A GOAL! Oh wait this was supposed to help me stop. Any way, here are a few of my faves of each of my youngins that hopefully you haven't seen.