Monday, November 17, 2014

And now we wait!

The adoption board in charge of decieding if a child will be matched with a family that put an inquiry on them is meeting tomorrow.  And so we wait, we wait to find out if the child we fell in love with because she has bloomed into an amazing person can become part of our family. 

 We were told by several people that know her and are close to her that she would do great with us, but will they feel the same based on papers we filled out a year ago and questions they asked in our home study.  I'm hoping since we have built up a relationship with the local RM and he is over her case that he can have more of a say but I'm not sure how it works.  And so we wait!  Tomorrow we will find out if our family will change but tonight we wait!
I wonder if she is waiting?

We don't have a unicorn but lots of brothers and sisters, a dog and kitty and lots of love!  

Our family is growing and changing we just aren't sure how or when.

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