Sunday, November 16, 2014

Christmas is coming!

This year we are having a simple Christmas  full of homemade gifts! 

We are doing

Something you want
Something you need
Something to wear
Something to read.

Plus Santa will bring them a present and little stocking stuffers.

I will also be making them Christmas Eve boxes.  This year jammies, hopefully homemade slippers or aloe sock for the older girls.  Maybe a movie or book or snack.

I plan to make some fun picture book marks and jewlery for other family members.  

So here is my Christmas list and planned buget.

Christmas Eve: Fleece, for PJs and slippers, from Jo Ann's black friday sale $25

Stockings: Buttons and ribbon and yarn for book marks. Already have it! Free
Stocking: PVC for Marshmallow shooters $10
Stockings: Candy and small trinkets $10 Walgreens
Family Gifts: Jewelry pieces $5 with coupons
Family Gifts: Pictures for jewelry and bookmarks $10 from Costco

Want: Flash mask and cape for Mr Silly already have fabric, Free!
Want: Homemade picture game pieces and recycled clue game, for Mr. Snuggles pics printed with others. Free!
Want: room decor for the princess Canvas for wall art, fabric for curtains,  paint for furniture. $30 with coupons.
Want: dance attire  for the quiet one $30 with Dixie Direct and Coupons
Want: home made  for each kid,12 one on one date coupons on a ring $2
Need: Hand made Disney themed Road Trip Pillow cases $10 with coupons
Wear: Disney shirt  not sure how much yet :(
Read: Hand made Learn it Yourself music books for girls $2 paper $2 ink
Read: Hand made learn to draw books for Littles $2 paper $2 ink

Total $140 plus disney shirts and santa present. 
Not bad for a family of 6!

Also I easily add to some of this for not much more if we add more kids.  $40 for a teenager and $20 for a little.

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