Wednesday, November 19, 2014

What to do while you wait.

So yesterday I needed to stay occupied, so I did. 
I went to Mr Silly's SEP (teacher parent conference), he is doing great and passed off one of his goals on his IEP!  He is officially potty trained.  No interventions or prompting for pottying!  So glad that he got this far. 
We ran some errands and then we went and picked up pies for my Autism Support Group.  We went home and I had some kids dropped off for a few hours.  We cleaned the boys room and removed 2 bags and a box of toys.  Now there is room for a toddler bed for Mr Silly when we add a few kids for respite on the holidays.  I then made lunch for 6 kids and I made some awesome homemade chicken soup for dinner.

1 can of chicken 1/2 red onion fried up with a teaspoon of butter
Add oragono, garlic and parsley
Add a box of chicken stock and 2 cans of cream of chicken soup
2 cans of water
Bring to a boil as you cut celery 1/2 a stock) and carrots (2 hand fulls of baby carrots) and I added a can of carrots
Then I let it simmer the rest of the day
I added a bag of noodles an hour before dinner.
Boiled for 10 mins then took off heat and left covered until dinner.
It was still piping hot!
Next time I will add 2 boxes of stock because it wasn't enough it was more like a stew.

I contacted my RM but he had no news :( told me he would call today around lunch time! 

I attended the Autism Support Group meeting it was a great training on parenting kids that don't respond to regular methods.
I am going to write up some new rules for our house they recommended no more than 5 and very simple very clear rules.
I'm thinking

Listen to Mom & Dad
Nice words, hands and feet
Do your chores
Use good manners
Take care of your house and belongings

So today I wait more and I plan to clean my room, go to a Dr appointment,  and make rice crispy treats.

When I have news I will share it!

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