Friday, November 21, 2014

The Mom Dilemma

As Mom's most of us run our house holds.  We make appointments, plan meals and are the taxi.  If we get hurt or sick it can cause big problems.  I was in a car accident in August for a month I didn't seek treatment because I had other things going on with my kids.  We had a placement move to her Dad's (that will be another post), school started, big issues with our other placement (another post), then out placements were moved. Once things calmed down I realized how much pain I was in.  I started to get treatment and it has added even more appointments to my already busy schedule.  But I'm learning that Mom's have to take care of them selves first.  
So this morning I was supposed to attend one of those appointments.  But alas like got in the way.  Poor Mr. Snuggly  woke up last night screaming and vomiting.  He threw up 4 times then a few more this morning.  So no physical therapy and no occupational therapy for him.  
Instead we will relax eat crackers and sprite and watch tv.

And later "I will put on my O2 mask" and go to chiropractor and leave my sick baby with my mom because if I can't do anything I can't take care of him.

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