Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Organizing for extras and Special Needs

Sometimes as a foster parent you get kids in the middle of the night and they have nothing.  It's important that you have a few extra essentials so you don't have to go out in the middle of the night.  

I bought all of these supplies from te dollar store.

They are great for guests too!

I organize them in drawers.

We also keep travel size tooth pastes and shampoos on the counter.

It's important that they have a space of their own so I give them each a little bucket to keep their stuff in and they can keep it in the bathroom or their room.

We have a cart by te kitchen table with school supplies too.

It also hold the reward stuff for Mr. Silly for behavioral therapy.

As for rules and keeping schedules straight it is an ever evolving system.

I use the white board to put the weeks apptionments and any other stuff that's important.  The rules and chores are next to it so everyone that lives here knows what is expected.  
We have two chore wheels one for older kids and one for littles.  The older kids get a room or area to clean and there is a detailed list under them of what that involves.   Never assume a child knows what clean the kitchen means or clean your room.  
We recently added meal rules as requested by the occupational therapist for the boys an those have helped.  
Keep it simple but detailed enough to be clear.  

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